Info & Instructions

Because Pure Innergy Body Products™ are made with 100% earth-based, natural ingredients, & no toxic ingredients, your product color, texture, & shelf life may vary.

Shelf life will average 6 months - 12 months, depending on the product(s) you purchase. Please inspect your product regularly, to make sure it is free of mold or smells that do not seem normal. Although not required, to help your product last longer, you may choose to store it in the fridge.

As with most of our products, a little goes a long way. However, it is to your advantage to use your products regularly & replace as needed, instead of having it go bad, before you're able to use it up.


As we mentioned above, our products are made without toxic ingredients. Occasional melting (melting in warm/hot weather or storage) is industry wide issue, that is difficult to prevent. It WILL NOT affect the quality or performance of your product. You may just be surprised to see that it looks different than you planned. Please read instructions below to help prevent, as well as what to do if melting occurs.

Body Butter: This is whipped like a soft but thick butter. Use a small spoon or the back of your fingernail to scoop it out of the jar. If your butter has been stored in a warm room, the pad of your finger may be enough to remove it from the jar. If it is kept in a 'very' warm area (such as near a heater, or in the car or garage), it may melt, separate, & deflate. This can also happen during shipping in the summer. IF this happens, all is well!! Your product is NOT ruined. We recommend putting it in the fridge for a few minutes prior to opening, during the summer months, so it doesn't spill when you pull the seal off. After cool but still soft, simply pour contents into a bowl, then stir or whip (with beaters), & pour or scoop back into your container.

Skin & Face Scrub: For thicker scrub, keep in a cool area. For softer scrub, keep in a warmer (but not hot) area. Use a small scoop/spoon or your finger to take out the desired amount you need. Use both the courser skin scrub & finer grain face scrub with gentleness, so skin irritation doesn't occur.

Lip Balm / Lip Butter: These are silky smooth, softer than your average lip balm / butter! The wax they contain keeps it from melting easily, so it should be just fine in your pocket. But do not leave in the car, or it will melt. And IF melting occurs at any time, simply put your tube or jar into the refrigerator for a few minutes to re-solidify, & it will be just fine. These balms may contain micro-rustic-textures of natural ingredients, but they will melt into your skin, as balm is rubbed in. Truthfully... the texture is fun!

As with ALL products, if irritation or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Most of our products are food grade, but we do not recommend eating them.

Please remember, our products are not to heal or cure any disease or health condition. They are intended for cleansing, beautifying, moisturizing, & soothing only. Use at your own risk. Because our products are not registered as "drugs", these terms & clarifications are required by the FDA.